Zodiac Reading - Rabbit


Born in
1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


In 2024, the clash with Tai Sui may bring some minor obstacles for the Rabbits. Your health may require a little more attention. Amid life's pressures, carve out a moment to indulge at a Spa — a sanctuary tailored for relaxation and a stress-melting escape. This year, there are plenty of business opportunities that you can look forward to. In matters of romance, single Rabbits will find love knocking at the door, while those who are married should look out for some turbulence.

Career: 3.5 Stars
With an auspicious star shining upon your career sector, you may find yourself motivated to expand your business. Take this chance to leap forward with your projects and seek progress. Unite your team for a bonding day, it's the ideal chance to fortify your team's connections and create enduring shared memories.

Wealth: 3 Stars
With Rabbits harming Tai Sui in 2024, financial growth will be slower than desired. When dealing with investments, rely upon your instinctive abilities to sniff out potential risks and nibble carefully at potential opportunities. Invest in your friendships as you may find benefactors among friends of the opposite gender. Joining networking events and expanding your social circles will help open doors to opportunities.

Relationships: 5 Stars
Love is expected to bloom like a spring field for single Rabbits. Let your charm and patience lead you to potential partners! Meanwhile, married individuals may see cracks in their relationships due to increased arguments. Express your love with gentle actions and avoid the prickly thorns of disagreement. Taking a family portrait and having more family gatherings can help to strengthen the harmony at home.

Health: 3 Stars
This year, your health may require a little extra attention. Balance your mental and physical wellbeing by taking breaks, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest. Maintain a balance between work and self-care, just as a rabbit knows when to retreat to its burrow. Take note of issues with your teeth, respiratory system, allergies, and digestive system.

Lucky Number: 4772
Lucky Colours: Grey, Brown, Beige, Silver
Auspicious Directions: East, Southeast, North
Auspicious Crystals: Citrine, Crackle Quartz, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst

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