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Some of the various ways are:

a helper

We could always use another pair of hands!

Every year, within four short weeks from mid-November, our tiny team of busy bees create:

• Hundreds of gift hampers
• Large scale Christmas decorations across many corporate sites
• Engaging workshops facilitated by our team across Melbourne
• Hundreds of floral arrangements!

If you'd like to spend a day or two with us either during the week or weekends, please register your interest and select your preference and we'll be in contact at the start of November with details. We appreciate your help and guarantee we'll have some laughs!

volunteer registration

A Devoted Fan

Do you believe in us and our work? Help us inspire others!

Tag us on social media

We are a bunch of social and curious creators who love seeing how things are used, displayed or enjoyed. So we always love seeing and hearing your experiences with us!

If you've purchased or opted into a service with miei (from floral arrangements to weddings!), please share your experience by tagging us in your photos so we can share it with our community too!





The more people who support us can mean a bigger impact for our cause.

If you love what we stand for and what we do, please don't keep us a secret and help us spread the word by asking your community to:
• visit our website
• follow us on social media
• help us reduce waste with our "Take Me Home" repurposed flower corner

An Environmentalist

Help us reduce waste and give flowers a second life!

Every week, we create many flower arrangements for our client's offices, restaurants and hotel foyers.

At the end of each week, some arrangements are auctioned off, some are taken home by staff and the rest are returned back to us.

Instead of disposing them, our team goes through each arrangement; gives each stem a clean and displays them in our "Take Me Home" corner for anyone to take in exchange for a donation. At the end of each month, we use the donation to support our community's "Big Issue" vendors by purchasing their magazines.

If you work in one of the buildings where our flowers are auctioned off at the end of the week, put in a bid and take them home so they can be loved for longer.

Making a purchase online? You can now make your cart carbon neutral by selecting the Eco-Cart option at the checkout.

An Expert Friend

Have an area of expertise? Run a workshop and contribute funds for your chosen charity!

We believe education and knowledge is power. Our community grows from you sharing your expertise or skills (no matter the topic!)

We will hold your workshop at our HQ and can assist with creating a lesson plan and set up.

If you're interested in offering your services to our community, please register your interest and we will be in touch to discuss the details with you.

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Share your experience, leave a Google review

We all know the power of reviews and we ask that if we've serviced you with any of the following, please take a moment to share your experience with others and help them make a considered choice with us:
• purchaser experience
• recipient experience
• workshop participant
• event organiser
• subscriber (flowers or groceries)

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