Terms and Conditions

What May Happen

Because we are reliant on the availability of flowers and gifts in a particular geographic location and pricing from our flower and gift distribution partners, we reserve the right to amend your order in consultation with you in the event of an error by these third parties. In such circumstances additional charges may have to be paid by you and/or your order may need to be changed to meet your delivery requirements, after consultation with you.

What We May Do

We reserve the right to amend your order in consultation with you in the event of a seasonal flower stockouts or, in circumstances beyond our control. You should carefully read all the terms and conditions before finalising your transaction.

We may use information about you for marketing, internal planning or product development purposes in order to improve the quality of our services.

What You Acknowledge

You acknowledge that some of the material accessible through the Service and provision of product is provided by third parties. This material does not form part of the Service, and we are not responsible for this material. Where the Service provides the facility to enter into transactions with third parties, you acknowledge that the goods or services offered by these third parties do not form part of the Service, and that we are not responsible for those third parties or the goods or services they offer. Florists and other third party providers (couriers etc.) impose different terms and conditions on the sale of specific flower and gift products featured on this site.

Refunds & Cancellations

Orders in progress (either in preparation or being delivered) and same-day orders may not be cancelled or refunded. Same-day orders may be processed after the preferred delivery date.

Orders that are not currently in progress may be cancelled on request and at the discretion of miei. A processing and handling fee of up to 50% of the total order cost may be charged.

If a delivery has been attempted unsuccessfully and requires a second or subsequent delivery, an additional delivery fee will apply. Instances including, but not limited to the following may result in an unsuccessful delivery; recipient is not available or is not located at the delivery address provided, incorrect recipient information was provided, no safe location was available to leave the product unattended at the premises, recipient address is not apparent and/or additional information is required to locate the physical address. In the event of an order re-delivery, you will be charged an additional delivery fee without notice to ensure the timeliness of delivery, however, we will always attempt to contact you to advise that a re-delivery will occur.

All quality complaints, non-delivery complaints or cancellation requests must be received by miei within 3 days from your preferred delivery date. An investigation will be carried out with each valid complaint and a response communicated as soon as possible. If proof of delivery or additional supporting documentation is required this may take up to 5 working days.

Miei accepts no responsibility or liability for any failure or delay on the part of a third party where your order has been processed by it; where miei is liable to you under these terms and conditions its liability will be limited to helping facilitate a complimentary redelivery of the ordered product.

Where a cancellation is applicable, miei will process such proven requests within 14 days. Monies are credited back to the same account which was used to place the order and in the same currency. Any monies processed back to the account used to place the order will be subject to the processing time of your financial institution, which is beyond the control of miei.


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