miei. exists as a vehicle to help advance a higher cause for our people, community and planet. To ensure we remain focused on our vision, we welcome and invite you to support our cause and help us thrive.

Our impact

We are focused on our commitment to transparency and our belief that together we’re stronger. To ensure this, we have decided to share our company’s values & principles, what we measure and our operational procedures for People, Community and Planet.


We believe that a good company has a strong leader who believes in the vision, loves their people, creates processes to promote diversity and puts their people’s best interest first.

The responsibility of the leader is to create and maintain an effective team, to exist for their people and spend most of their day supporting and developing them. The responsibility of each member is to protect and maintain an effective team, to support the company’s vision, to hold each other accountable and to always do the right thing for their people, community and planet.

We focus on:

  • hiring well
  • building a multi-skilled and supportive workforce
  • sharing the “why” to each method, not just the “what” and “how”
  • communicating intensively and sharing information
  • supporting employee development and lifestyle
  • encouraging engaging meetings with passionate debates
  • inviting idea sharing and
  • rewarding bravery

To help us learn and grow together, we share how MIEI operates for you to review. If there’s something you’d like to see or think we should consider, please let us know.


We have the deepest respect and care for all the businesses and people within our communities.

To ensure we don’t just co-exist in this beautiful world of ours or add unnecessary noise, we’ve made it our mission to help bridge this gap. To do this, we focus on servicing some of the needs of our businesses to enable us to support the needs of our people who are most vulnerable.

We are proud to share, collaborate and support businesses that exist to support youth education and training.

The communities we support either financially, in-kind or with work experience/workshops:

  • The Monash Children’s Hospital (Financial & In-kind)
  • The Smith Family (Financial & In-kind)
  • The Big Issue (Vendors direct)
  • Catalyst Training & Disability Services (Work Experience)
  • Emotion21 (Workshop & In-kind)
  • Imandel Consulting (Work Experience)


We are aware of the impact we can have on our planet with the volume of disposable items we handle through our business so we are making a conscious effort to minimise our carbon footprint at miei. and remain focussed on our zero waste commitment.

Below are some of the things we’re doing and measuring to help us identify how else we can improve.

  • 85% of flowers repurposed
    (we do not procure perishable stock to an unknown demand and we have a “take me home” program for our used flowers)
  • 8,576 water vials reused
    (all of our wrapped bouquets are despatched with each stem containing a water source to ensure our flowers are fully hydrated at all times, before using a water sachet, we reuse the vials from our suppliers first)
  • 624kg of cardboard recycled
    (so many of the items we stock come packaged in cardboard boxes or contains disposable materials. We are doing our best to reuse as much cardboard packaging as possible before recycling. This is an area we are aware we can do better to further help minimise our impact.)
  • 56Kg of soft plastic recycled
    (many of the flowers we collect come packed with a soft plastic sleeve to prevent them from getting bruised/damaged during transit, we do our best to repurpose them in our “take me home” corner first before recycling them with Redcycle)
  • 23.50kg of Nespresso coffee capsules
    (We recently joined Nespresso as a collection hub for customers to drop off their used Nespresso coffee pods/capsules.)
  • Paperless receipts
    (We sincerely apologise in advance if you like to collect paper receipts. All of our tax invoices/proof of purchases are sent via text message or emailed to your nominated account.)


Total raised & counting