Zodiac Reading - Dog


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1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

2024 will be a year of intriguing mysteries and hidden opportunities for those born in the Year of the Dog. While it is a turbulent year for your career, remember that every obstacle is a stepping stone to success. Prudence in financial matters will pave the way for stability. Refrain from gambling and steer away from high-risk investments. Singles can find love, while married people should keep communication lines open and avoid temptation. Having a zodiac guardian amulet or talisman can help keep you safe.

Career: 2.5 Stars
Although career prospects seem challenging, trust that this is all part of your growth and development. This year, you might easily encounter burnout at work, and be prone to negligence and mistakes. A sound time management and work progress plan can help to improve work efficiency greatly. Entrepreneurs might experience financial variations, but a dependable and loyal team can help you to navigate the dog-eat-dog world of business successfully.

Wealth: 2.5 Stars
2024 might not greet you with overflowing wealth, but it is a year to harness financial steadiness and cultivate monetary wisdom. Embrace a simple lifestyle, focusing on savings and budgeting. For business owners, innovation and adaptability will be crucial to maximise efficiency and profit. While your luck will be the most stable in the 7th to 11th lunar months of the year, you might like to wear your lucky colours, get a refreshing pixie haircut and avoid risky investments to tide through the rest of the year.

Relationships: 4.5 Stars
A promising year awaits singles, with many opportunities to meet potential partners. Focus on personal growth and improving your inner qualities. Potential suitors will come knocking at your door. Those who are married may find their relationship tested by temptation. Harmony begets prosperity, so take some time to bond with your spouse on a vacation and work together to navigate through any rough patches.

Health: 0.5 Stars
A worrying health forecast is ahead. 2024 calls for some caution; it is a time to prioritise your wellbeing and safety. Consistent exercise can pave the path towards a healthier year by starting your day with an invigorating morning brisk walk.

Lucky Number: 5934
Lucky Colours: Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Blue, Silver
Auspicious Directions: East, Southwest, Northwest
Auspicious Crystals: Sunstone, Jadeite, Amethyst, Yellow Tiger’s Eye

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