Zodiac Reading - Monkey


 Born in
1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

2024 will be a busy and rewarding year for the agile Monkeys. Your professional life may be a whirlwind of activity requiring extra effort to reap the benefits. While there are no auspicious stars in your career sector, bear in mind that every cloud has a silver lining. Employees may be tempted to start a new business, but tread carefully and avoid monkeying around. Stay alert in business partnerships and financial transactions to avoid slipping on financial banana peels. Investment opportunities will be plentiful, as will your opportunities for romance. Singles may meet their special someone, while married couples should be cautious not to disrupt marital harmony. Keep an eye on your health and spend time with family and friends to lift your spirits.

Career: 3 Stars
With its ups and downs, your career path might resemble a treetop adventure course! Constant vigilance is required to adapt to market changes and emerging opportunities. Those wanting to change their jobs should be cautious. Start a side hustle and hone your skills while waiting for the right time. Business owners must exercise extreme caution when reorganising, partnering, and dealing with legal issues; one wrong move can lead to disaster.

Wealth: 4 Stars
2024 presents bountiful opportunities for you to grow your wealth! With the Peach Blossom star shining, you may find your benefactors among those of the opposite gender. Partnerships with individuals born in the year of the Dog, Pig, or Ox, have the potential to boost your financial fortune. Embrace the thrill of aiming high and reaching new heights this year!

Relationships: 4 Stars
This year, Monkeys may rejoice in the jungle of love! Singles will meet their soulmates, and wedding bells may ring. Consider a change in your hairstyle or dressing to turn up your charm, but avoid mixing pleasure with work to ward off relationship disputes. Married Monkeys must work on maintaining a harmonious marriage and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with your partner. Romantic outings such as a moonlit stroll or a cosy movie night might work wonders for the relationship.

Health: 1 Star
This year, health takes a dip. Pay special attention to your physical and mental health, especially your blood pressure and heart. Achieving health and balance means striking a harmonious chord between work and life. Enhance your overall fortune by practicing gratitude and embracing the positive in every moment.

Lucky Number: 3525
Lucky Colours: Red, Purple, Bright Green, Bright Yellow
Auspicious Directions: Southwest, West, North
Auspicious Crystals: Strawberry Quartz, Red Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Black Rutilated Quartz

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