Your 'Back To Work' Questions Answered!

Want to know which plant is perfect for your desk? What about how to make working from home more sustainable?

Tori and our team of experts are here to answer all your questions!

What's the perfect plant for my desk?
I'm terrible at keeping my plants!
This is something we hear all the time! We recommend species that are hardy and durable (to handle any accidental overwatering or a bit of neglect!). We've compiled an easy guide on the best plants that will suit any space!
Now that i've got the perfect plant for my space, what pot/vessel is best?
For small desk plants, we use the CUP O FLORA® self-watering pot for all of our clients because it makes caring for your plant a breeze!
  • These glass pots allows the plant to self-absorb water through a wick from the water reservoir
  • The pot's clear design makes it easy to gauge the water level
  • Available 4 sizes
My new year's resolution was to make more sustainable choices, that look good and can save me money!
How can i commit to this at work/in my home office?
First of all, great job in taking steps to be more planet-friendly! We spend so much time at work/in our office that you'll find little efforts soon stack up!
For example:
  • Our Karst A5 Notebooks not only look super sleek and sophisticated (while being the same price as some other awesome notebooks) but they're made from 100% recycled stone!
  • Unique benefits include tear-proof paper, brighter pages and a smooth, gliding writing experience!
  • Plus, you'll be saving trees while you're at it!
  • One Corkcicle Stemless Cup will save approximately 250 disposable coffee cups over the span of a year from landfill (if you're buying a coffee every working day!)
  • They are also shatterproof and keep drinks hot for 9+ hours (so you'll save $ on rebuying coffee and replacing broken glass cups!)
  • Plus, they can also be personalised with your initials (so no one will pinch it from the kitchen!)
Did you also know we are a certified Nespresso Drop Off Point? Simply bring in your empty capsules from home and we'll recycle them for you- how convenient is that for an awesome sustainability effort!
    Our company provides many staff benefits, yet our employee survey results still indicates we need to do more, how have you helped other businesses?
    This is such a great and important question.
    If you're serious about improving your employee satisfaction, it is critical you find the time to understand why your team members are unhappy, what they need and how to help them, which could vary person-to-person.

    When it comes to gift giving, it's important to note that
     when you give a gift is more important than the 'what'. If you think about it, would your staff be more surprised to receive a gift on their birthday, or on a random Wednesday just for a job well done!?

    Gifts that are thoughtfully timed are the ones we truly remember. They will be  sure to feel appreciated and acknowledged when it comes from the heart. 
    Now that you've got the 'when' down, 'what' you gift will express how well you know them! 

    We're proud to be the gift giving experts, especially when it comes to corporate gifting! Add some personality and enrich your gifting experience with our range of carefully curated gifts by our team. 


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