Purpose Driving Profit - (People, Community, Planet)

Created three years ago with the purpose of using business as a force for good, Miei Fiori was strategically and purposefully structured as a for-profit social enterprise rather than as a not-for-profit organisation. Why did we choose to set things up this way? Because we wanted to be different, to shake up the industry – both floristry and gift-giving. We also wanted to show how businesses can be profitable for a purpose. You don’t disrupt industries that have been well established for decades by doing things the same way as everyone else. That is why, when we started Miei Fiori, we established three principles that would inform and guide all choices, from growth and opportunities to new clients, projects and staff. These three principles are:


Those who work with us – our team, clients, suppliers and customers – are central to our business. They underpin our success and our ability to impact our community and be a force for good.


We want to make a difference in our community. Every decision we make must be a positive one for those around us, not just for us or for the business. 


Our choices of suppliers, clients and even our flower-repurposing program are all made with the aim of ensuring that we are responsible stewards of our planet. This is why we partner with clients who share our dedication to the environment and sustainability. 

These three pillars drive all our decision-making. Nothing happens at Miei Fiori unless we can check each of these off. This ensures we are a values- and purpose-driven business that keeps our core principles at the heart of every single step we take. 

We are not focused on outdoing others or crushing the competition. We hope that everyone makes it. We also are not focused on growing for growth’s sake. Though of course growth will allow us to make more of an impact, we are primarily focused on our principles and our mission. We won’t be distracted by trying to be the biggest; our first aim is to make sure we are being the best we can – for our people (clients, staff, suppliers), for our community and for the planet. 


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