Networking events where work talk is not encouraged....

I attended an invite only networking event recently with a room full of accomplished professionals. The objective is to forge and expand your network by building strong connections through conversations beyond work. Whilst it may be the perfect night for some, it was definitely an evening I'm glad I've expereienced to realise it's not for me.

In a world brimming with networking opportunities, where connections are often forged over sharing business stories and challenges, the idea of attending an event where work-related discussions are off the table might seem paradoxical.

For me, these gatherings are a poignant reminder of the values I hold dear – values that center around genuine connection and the pursuit of kindred spirits who share my passion for meaningful discourse. My journey has been one of relentless exploration, an unceasing quest to find minds that resonate harmoniously with my own.

For me, networking isn't a mere transactional exchange; it's an endeavor to engage with individuals on a deeper level, to dive into the intricacies of their life paths and the experiences that have sculpted them. The stories of how someone arrived at their current career, the pivotal decisions they've made, the hurdles they've surmounted – these narratives are the palette with which I paint a picture of trust and compatibility.

Trust is the cornerstone upon which all relationships are built. It isn't cultivated overnight; it's nurtured through shared vulnerability, through conversations that transcend the surface. Understanding the driving forces behind a person's choices, the principles they hold dear, and the late-night ruminations that wrest them from slumber – these revelations form the bedrock of trust.

Moreover, compatibility emerges as a key determinant of the relationships I forge. I enjoy delving into someone's career trajectory and understanding how they navigate the labyrinth of challenges, I gain insights into their approach to problem-solving, their values, and their aspirations. Compatibility isn't just about shared interests; it's about the resonance of outlooks, the synchronicity of aspirations, and the harmony of problem-solving methods. It's the spark that ignites collaboration and sustains camaraderie.

In an event where work remains a forbidden topic, the avenue to cultivate trust and assess compatibility is obstructed. The very threads that weave the fabric of connection are held hostage, and as a result, the prospect of building relationships loses its allure. Without the fertile soil of authentic conversations, the seeds of trust remain dormant, and compatibility remains an enigma shrouded in uncertainty.

Engaging in surface-level discussions at such gatherings leaves me yearning for the depth that defines my notion of connection. The joy of networking lies not in amassing a pile of business cards, but in unraveling the layers that compose a person's identity. Sharing dreams, exploring fears, and swapping stories of midnight epiphanies – these are the nourishing exchanges that make an evening memorable.

As I stand at the crossroads of networking opportunities, I am guided by an unwavering conviction. My preference for events where work is unspoken is not a dismissal of the professional realm; rather, it's a tribute to the multi-dimensional individuals we are. These events magnify the essence of our humanity, celebrating the passions that fuel us beyond the confines of job titles. They declare that beneath the chatter of work lies a world of thoughts, aspirations, and experiences that shape us into who we are.

If it was an evening purely to share personal, family and holiday stories, I have a preference for whom my company would be.

In the mosaic of life, I opt to spend my time in spaces that resonate with my core values. I am drawn to those who recognize that beyond the veneer of business, the real magic lies in the narratives we share, the beliefs we discuss, and the vulnerabilities we embrace.

Networking, for me, isn't a transaction – it's an odyssey of self-discovery and connection, guided by the compass of authenticity. And in a world often characterized by superficial interactions, I find solace in the quiet power of meaningful conversations that transcend the boundaries of work.

Call me silly, crazy or mad however if you've got a business idea or challenge you'd like to share, I'd genuinely love to hear it.


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