"How To" plant in a self watering pot with stand

"How To" plant in a self watering pot with stand

Self watering pots have become really popular in recent years taking the guess work out of watering for many busy individuals.

The following blog will hopefully provide some guidance and show how we plant our indoor plants in varying self watering pots.

Understand which type of self watering pot you've got will help determine which method is best suited.

In this blog, we're using the water catchment pot which could be used 2 ways.

Before starting, it is useful to consider the following:
- plant type for your space (for guidance, our blog "hard to kill indoor plant options" may help
- plant size for your pot. It is important to not pot a plant that's too large for the pot as it'll have little room to grow over time. A plant that's too small may look imbalance and out of proportion and may require a lot of potting mix to fill the pot so make sure you've got some handy.

Download Miei Fiori's method HERE!



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