Which flower makes the cut at Miei?

How Miei determine which flower makes the cut!

High-quality, long-lasting and, of course, beautiful. These are the standards each and every flower must meet before making it into a Miei list. We hand-select and lab test every piece of greenery and each bloom to ensure our exacting standards are met. So what makes an ideal Miei flower? Here are the most important things we look for.

Long vase life 

We want our bouquets and arrangements to look great for as long as possible, so we look for flowers that pass our minimum 10 day Miei lab test. To help with longevity, our flowers aren't stored in a warehouse for a long time, but usually freshly cut 24-48 hours before being packed and transported for our use.


Each bloom holds up differently under hot, cold, humid and windy conditions, so a Miei flower must be hardy in various indoor climate. Each week, our team conducts random site visits to assess how our flowers are behaving in each of our client's space due to Melbourne’s ever-changing weather conditions and document any abnormalities we sight to enable us to react accordingly to ensure our clients display only the very best flowers and greenery appropriate for their space and unique environment.

Low maintenance

Though we love caring for flowers, we can’t expect our clients (whether gift recipients or corporate) to have the time or inclination to take care of their Miei Fiori blooms the way a florist would. That’s why we make sure our arrangements are low maintenance. They will look great for a long time with little or no TLC necessary.

Lower pollen

The last thing we want is for our flowers to cause anyone’s allergies to play up – sneezing, watery eyes and a red nose really do take the enjoyment away. That’s why we choose flowers like orchids, anthuriums, chrysanthemum, helleconias to name just a few, that are kind to those of us who suffer from allergies.

Sticking to our high standards and our purchasing guidelines means that each corporate client and each recipient of flowers as a gift receives beautiful, low-maintenance flowers that will look amazing for longer. To make the cut as a Miei flower isn’t easy, but the end product makes the time and care we take when it comes to selection absolutely worth it.




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