How are you as a leader?

In the past 20+ years, I have dealt with and seen many individuals transform as they obtain leadership roles in the pursuit to ascend the ladder of power.

I have seen receptionist become an account manager, dealt with facilities managers who later became national asset manager or general manager, customer service rep to area manager, paralegal to a partner in a firm, relationship manager to director, nurse to division manager, waiter to hotel manager, sales rep to head of sales etc.

The metamorphosis from a junior role to a senior position too often comes hand-in-hand with a shift in perspective, a change in principles, and a gradual erosion of the very values they once held dear. 

The disconnect between the leader at the helm and the employees at the foundation widens, and the ideals that were once firmly upheld begin to crumble as they forget what it was like to be at the bottom as they reach the top with growing pressures to meet demands.

In this somber tableau (bleak situation), there lies a beacon of hope – a reminder of the true essence of leadership, a lesson in the steadfast commitment to protect what's right.

As we ascend, we must resist the siren call of conformity and stand resolute in our responsibility to those who depend on our guidance, to the communities we impact, and to the planet we share.

At the core of leadership lies a fundamental truth: the power we wield is not a privilege, but a profound responsibility. With every stride upward, we become custodians of a legacy, entrusted with the lives and livelihoods of those who follow us.

It is not enough to be driven solely by the pursuit of financial gains, driven by the applause of shareholders. A true leader is one who possesses the audacity to break free from the shackles of societal pressures, a leader who has the strength to swim against the currents of expectation and redefine what it means to succeed.

But what does it truly mean to protect what's right? It means navigating each decision, no matter how small, with a moral compass that points towards the greater good. It means recognising that success is not defined by stock prices or profits alone, but by the impact we have on the lives of our employees, on the health of our communities, and on the sustainability of our planet. 

The best leaders are those who resist the allure of shortcuts and quick wins, who understand that the pursuit of profit should never eclipse the pursuit of purpose. The armor of humility, hunger, and smarts is the mantle worn by those who lead with integrity.

Humility reminds us of our fallibility, keeping us grounded and receptive to the wisdom of others.

Hunger fuels our relentless pursuit of improvement, not just for ourselves, but for the collective betterment of all.

Smarts – not just in terms of intellect, but in terms of emotional intelligence – empowers us to consider the wider ramifications of our decisions, to understand the intricacies of human interactions, and to foresee the ripples of impact that extend far beyond the boardroom.

As I contemplate the true essence of leadership, I find that the strongest leaders are those who possess the audacity to stand firm in the face of pressures, to resist the allure of conformity, and to champion a vision that extends beyond profits. They are the guardians of values, the torchbearers of change, and the protectors of the future. In their footsteps lies the promise of a better world, a world where leadership is not a privilege for the chosen few, but an obligation to the many.

So, let us embrace the lessons of those who resist the metamorphosis of ideals as you ascend the corporate ladder, recognising that with power comes responsibility, and that the pursuit of profit should never eclipse the pursuit of what's right.

The true value of leadership lies not in the accumulation of wealth, but in the legacy of positive change that we leave behind – for our people, for our communities, and for our planet. 

With humility, hunger, and smarts, you can rise above the allure of conformity and become the leaders that our world desperately needs.


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