Gift wrapping with style (Layers & Details)

With just under a week until Christmas it’s time to tackle the last big job – wrapping all of those amazing gifts you’ve purchased for your friends, family and loved ones. It isn’t always easy. Obviously, some things are easier to wrap than others. Anything rectangular or square in shape will be a much easier job than those awkward round or curved or completely weird-shaped gifts.

But whether you’re wrapping, boxing or bagging gifts this year, whatever the gift and its shape, and whoever it is for, try our tips for creating fun and beautiful presents.

  • When wrapping, pay attention to how you shape and fold the creases. A stylishly wrapped gift will show no rough edges or cuts.
  • In addition to your box, bag or wrapping paper, we suggest you focus on two other elements to add personality, style and beauty to your gift: ribbons and embellishment.
  • Ribbon should contrast with the bag, box or paper. If your paper is plain, the ribbon can have patterns and vice versa. Some of our favourite combinations are traditional Christmas colours like red, green and white with beautiful metallic ribbons in gold, bronze or silver.
  • Embellishing gifts allows you to get creative and even a little crazy. Add an element of fun and personality with bells, baubles, cinnamon sticks or ornaments. We usually repurpose items or use things that are left over. Embellishments are not compulsory elements; however, they will elevate your gift visually and help to communicate your care and regard for the recipient.

Our main advice is to have fun and take your time. We think enjoying the creative process and finding your own style is a big part of the Christmas fun. So flex those creative muscles and remember that it is the thought that counts. Those receiving gifts will be grateful just for the effort you went to.

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping!


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