Focus on your own race, just do you!! This is my story......

My life is far from what someone else might consider perfect, but it's a life I've grown to love so deeply that I wouldn't change a single aspect of it.

If I were given the chance to revisit the past, the idea of altering even the smallest detail could potentially reshape the entire course of events, that's a chance I'm not willing to take – even if it's for the better.

I'm immensely grateful for my journey as a Vietnamese immigrant who found a home in Australia. Accepting and embracing my identity has been a source of strength, and I take pride in being a female who defies expectations.

My upbringing by a single parent instilled a sense of independence and responsibility as my father was almost always away for work. My parents worked tirelessly, juggling multiple jobs, to provide my siblings and me with the privilege of attending prestigious Grammar schools. Their sacrifices gifted us a life enriched with adventure, exploration, and a kaleidoscope of cultures. The melody of academia, sports, arts, and music has been the soundtrack of my multifaceted existence.

The ascent up the corporate ladder was originally my desired path, saying "yes" first has allowed me to embrace life's myriad opportunities, before uttering "no" as I set new boundaries. No task has ever been beneath me or too hard; I've been a part of and even given the chance to manage both small and global teams. Held small responsibility roles to running multimillion-dollar projects.

I’ve traveled across at least 39 countries and over 100 cities, experienced the full spectrum of travel – from Business class flights to Economy seats, plush 5-star hotels to humble tents. Dining on bustling streets and high up in the skies, I've savored life in its diverse flavors and loved it all. My bank account might not boast affluence, but I'm profoundly appreciative of the wealth I've amassed in experiences.

Marrying my best friend has been the cornerstone of my journey and a cherished blessing, complemented by two beautiful, perfectly imperfect children and navigating the messiness of parenthood, though far from smooth, is exactly what makes it perfect.

Today, my days are surrounded by remarkable individuals I lead, who invest their time to make each day meaningful. Their dedication underscores the richness of purpose that courses through my life.

Did I predict that this would be my narrative? Not down to the minutiae, but I envisioned the emotions, the essence of where I wanted to be. The blueprint for this intentional existence came to me through Dr. Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," a beacon I discovered at the tender age of 12.

It transformed my perspective, setting me on a trajectory guided by intention, purpose, and a keen awareness of the life I wanted to create. Each layer of my identity, every choice I've made, has woven this vibrant, imperfectly perfect life. The beauty doesn't lie in conforming to anyone else's ideals; it's in relishing the uniqueness that colors my journey.

My life might not align with the conventional notion of perfection, but I wouldn't trade a single fragment of it. From the richness of my cultural background to the complexities of navigating life as a petite immigrant woman in a male-dominated world, I've crafted my path with resilience and determination.

My story isn't about chasing someone else's version of perfection, but about weaving a tapestry that celebrates individuality, nurtures purpose, and blooms with conscious choices. It's an ongoing journey, a reminder that each of us holds the power to mold a life that reflects our heart's deepest yearnings.


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