Embrace the Spirit of Easter with Miei

Join Us at Miei for a Festive Celebration! 

As Easter approaches, Melbourne comes alive with vibrant festivities and exciting activities for all ages to enjoy. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday or simply bask in the beauty of springtime blooms, there's something for everyone to experience in the city this Easter.


Easter Activities in Melbourne: Fun for the Whole Family

From Easter egg hunts to festive parades, Melbourne offers an array of family-friendly activities to celebrate the holiday season. Head to one of the city's many parks for an egg-citing Easter egg hunt. With live music, delicious food stalls, and entertainment for all ages, Easter in Melbourne is a time for joyous celebration and community spirit. Here are a few of our recommendations for this weekend!

Easter at Queen Victoria Market - 30th-31st March 2024.

NGV Easter Egg Hunt - 28th Mar & 6th April 2024 

Easter Egg-Spress! 30th - 31st March 2024


Decorate Your Home for Easter: Embrace the Beauty of Blooms

As you prepare your home for Easter festivities, why not add a touch of beauty with Easter flowers? From colourful tulips to fragrant hyacinths, these blooms serve as a delightful reminder of the season's renewal and the promise of new beginnings. Take a moment to stop and admire the vibrant Easter flowers adorning your home, and let their beauty lift your spirits as you create a festive atmosphere for Easter celebrations.


Planting and Caring for Tulip Bulbs: Bring Spring to Your Home

Looking to bring a touch of springtime beauty to your own home? Why not try planting and caring for tulip bulbs! With their vibrant colours and elegant blooms, tulips are a beloved choice for Easter floral arrangements. By learning how to plant and care for tulip bulbs, you can enjoy the beauty of these spring flowers year after year. Whether you have a garden or simply a sunny windowsill, tulips are sure to brighten up your space and bring a smile to your face. Download our Tulip planting and care sheet below. 


How To Plant Tulip Bulbs








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