36 Flowers and Plants to avoid with pets

At Miei, we know how your beloved pets are like cherished family members.  Did you know that a popular flower commonly found in floral arrangements could pose a health risk to your fur babies?

The ferocious flower?  It’s the lethal lily!  That’s right, the elegant looking lily is extremely toxic to cats and some lily varieties are poisonous to dogs too.  According to the RSPCA all parts of the flower are toxic to cats and ingestion of even a small part of the flower can cause kidney failure in 36-72 hours!  The best way to keep your pets safe is to ensure that they have no access to any type of lilies.  This includes tulips too which are part of the lily family!!

Symptoms of lily poisoning include vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, extreme thirst and no urination.  Other common signs to watch out for include drooling, diarrhea, depression, hypotension (drop in blood pressure), abdominal discomfort, tremors, drowsiness, inappetance, blindness and seizures.

If you suspect that your pet has lily poisoning, you should seek veterinary treatment immediately.

Below are a list of commonly found flowers and plants to keep away from your furry friends.  So, next time you’re thinking about giving a gift of flowers to your loved ones with a feline friend or a poochy pal, remember to choose a pet-friendly option to keep them safe

Download Miei Fiori’s List HERE!


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