Blending architecture, design, people and floristry

There is a great deal of thought, consideration and investigation that goes into creating Miei Fiori floral designs for our clients. Each one of our creations is designed specifically for a purpose, which means we spend time ensuring we intimately understand our client’s requirements, objectives and desired outcomes before we even consider a single flower or leaf to use.

So what do we need to know to be able to create the ideal arrangement to suit each individual client?

Firstly, we want to understand why our clients are investing in flowers, and what they want to achieve through these arrangements. We establish a unique client brief, taking all of this into consideration, so that we have a clear understanding of where the client wants to go.

The next step is investigating where the flowers will be placed, who will interact with them, and what the light, architecture and surrounding décor will look like. We want to understand the design and materials used around the building, including the interior furnishings, surrounding colours, ceiling height, air vents and door accesses, to ensure we select flowers that not only complement the design and furnishings but which will also withstand and flourish in the environment they will be placed in. After all, we want beautiful flowers that are also long-lasting for each client.

When creating unique design plans, it isn’t only the client we keep in mind. We also consider our client’s customers. We think about who will be walking past the flowers every day, admiring them, standing in front of them and being welcomed to a client’s space by the arrangements we create. We take into consideration our client’s customer type but also the traffic flow through the areas where our arrangements will be placed. It is also essential to know the client’s busiest times, and which days have more people visiting the organisation. All of this allows us to make sure the flowers are at their best and in the best position at the right time for the client’s customers.

The last step before we start deciding on flowers is to consider the client’s brand and whether the organisation has any particular botanical guidelines. This helps us to understand the style and personality the client wants to portray. If they don’t have a botanical guideline we work closely with them to create one that best reflects their brand.

All of this information is gathered before we choose the flowers, foliage, colours, arrangement style and size for our clients. After all, a Miei Fiori floral design is more than just flowers. Our designs are specifically customised for each client, ensuring we create the perfect blend of architecture, design, people and floristry, to make the best possible impact in the best possible way.


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